Style Tips from Peace Love Shea [video]

Style blogger Shea Marie shares Her Top 7 Must-Know Style Tips from Peace Love Shea

LA-based Shea Marie has that cool effortless California style we love, but replicating her style can take some effort. Luckily, the fashion and beauty influencer shares her top 7 must-know style tips with us in this video.

Watch and learn how to tackle these looks and styles with ease by using some of these tips from Shea:

1) How do you nail that California cool style?

2) What is your go-to accessory?

3) What celebrity to you represents classic timeless beauty?

4) Which modern day celebrity inspires you?

5) What trend would you like to see die a slow death?

6) What is the perfect denim to wear with stilettos?

7) What inspired your Sameswim bikini design?

Now Watch and Wear!

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