Does Mila Kunis Know Football? [Video]

Does Mila Kunis Know Football? The LA-based actress discusses her love for all things Chicago — but does that includes their football team?

Mila professes her love of Chicago– but would she be a Bears, Giant or Jets fan? Gotta watch to see. She also laments that LA doesn’t have its own football team. We love her more now – not only is she a pretty face – she keeps it real and is a tomboy at heart! Odd random fact: her baby daddy Ashton Kutcher played high school football.

Other endearing fact about Mila – even after her 70s Show fame – her mom still worked at Rite Aid and her dad drove a cab! Adorbs.

Mila Kunis, star of Third Person and Blood Ties, talks to Krista Smith about falling in love with Chicago, lamenting a lack of pro football in Los Angeles, and the challenges of having retired parents.

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