Nutrisystem Starts Girl and Teen Confidence Campaign [Video]

Did you know that a young girl’s confidence PEAKS at age 9, and then declines from there?

Nutrisystem lifestyle brand boldly launches a Girl and Teen Confidence Campaign in the hopes of changing this shocking statistic, and to reverse the negative talk that many girls – AND WOMEN – do to themselves.

Their clever video is worth a watch — and for many of us, we will see ourselves in several of these scenarios where women put themselves down and just can’t seem to accept compliments from their friends, family, or co-workers.

Their #NOWBELIEVEIT campaign is a great effort to try to raise a generation of confident women — and we are behind this effort 100%.

To learn more information about this campaign, and to see Nutrisystem’s efforts to boost the confidence of the girls and women in our lives, visit their Why Can’t We Take Compliments / Now Believe It site. And be sure to check out Nutrisystem’s YouTube channel to see more inspiring videos.

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