Guys Try Labor Pain Simulation to Feel What It’s Like to Give Birth [Video]

guy labor pain simulation

In honor of Mother’s Day, a bunch of guys tried labor pain simulation to feel what it’s really like to give birth–and it’s freaking hilarious!

Nobody can ever know the true pain of child birth until they actually go through it. And obviously, due to their unfortunate lack of a uterus, men will never be able to go through it. However, thanks to a labor pain simulation machine that sends pulses of electricity to certain muscles in the abdomen, back, and genital area to make them contract as they would during actual labor, guys can now experience what it’s like to have a baby.

BuzzFeed’s Try Guys did exactly that, and the pain was clearly more than they could handle.

Do you think the guys were able to see it all the way through? Watch and find out:

Photo by YouTube

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