How to Build The Perfect Mason Jar Salad [Infographic]

Mason jar salads are super trendy right now. They’re not only beautiful to look at… but they’re also the perfect way to transport your leafy lunch anywhere without the annoying hassle of ending up with a soggy, unappetizing meal.

salad in a jar


The basic idea of a mason jar salad is to create a layered salad. You start with the wettest ingredient, which is of course the dressing. The next layer should then consist of the heavier, chunkier elements of your salad, such as your protein (chicken, tofu or beans)–this is because these are the ingredients that are least likely to get soggy from the dressing, and they provide the added purpose of preventing your other layers from getting soggy as well since it creates a barrier between the dressing and the rest of the salad.

The next layer should be your other ingredients that are lighter (in weight) than your second layer, such as cherry tomatoes, onions, fruits, or crunchy nuts like almonds or pistachios.

And finally, you can top it all off with your lightest ingredients: the leafy greens!

Pretty cool, right? One thing to remember though is that you’re not technically supposed to eat the salad straight from the jar, since it can be difficult to mix the ingredients together–especially if the jar is packed. The point of the mason jar is to make it easier to bring your salads with you wherever you go without sacrificing the crunchiness of your ingredients.

Now, if you also need help building your perfect salad, here’s a basic guide:

building a better salad


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Photos by Jesse’s Juice Bar / Fine Choice Foods

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