Blake Lively Shares Beauty Secrets Behind Her Show-Stopping Smile

Blake Lively Shares Beauty Secrets

Blake Lively shares beauty secrets behind her megawatt smile!

The actress took to her Instagram Sunday to post a silly snap of herself balancing on one foot alongside some advice on how to achieve her celebrity grin.

“Tip: open your mouth when you smile – like you’re having the time of your life – when you’re, in fact, terrified you’re going to break your ankle because of what an epic-ly uncoordinated person you are. I are. Am. I am ….but we’re not talking about me. Of course. This is just a random tip,” the A-Lister wrote as a caption to the cute candid.

blake (1)

Very funny, Blake!

Sporting a floral top, skinny jeans, and brown booties, the adorable blonde appeared to be thoroughly enjoying her Sunday funday.

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