25 Hilariously Sad Posts from Men’s Rights Blogs

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The Men’s Rights blog movement is sweeping the nation. It’s motto is basically, “we men don’t need women, but let’s discuss them nonstop.” Rather than saying “hey, I can’t get a quality girlfriend, all of my relationships are with shallow women. Maybe I need to work on myself,” they declare, “all women are shallow and bad.” These are the clowns of the dating world: Their sad stories would be depressing if they weren’t so offensively self-righteous. ┬áPlease note that this is different than the “father’s rights” movements, in that “father’s rights” movements actually make a lick of sense.

To illustrate how funny these guys are with their pathetic opinions on women, we found 25 hilarious posts from Men’s Rights blogs. Read them, laugh, and be happy that you’ll probably never be on a date with any of these guys.


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