10 Reasons Why You’re Not Losing Weight

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If you’ve been trying to lose weight for a long time and still haven’t seen much progress, it can definitely be frustrating–so frustrating that you may just end up quitting on the whole idea of losing weight altogether. But the thing is, there are quite a few reasons why you’re not losing weight on your current exercise routine or diet plan… and once you pinpoint that reason and correct it, you should be shedding those pounds in no time.

Here are 10 reasons why you’re not losing weight:

1. You’re not exercising enough.

If your aim is to lose weight, the amount of calories you burn needs to be more than the amount of calories you take in–so if you’re not exercising enough to burn all the food you eat every day, then don’t expect those pounds to disappear anytime soon.

2. You’re not eating right.

Let’s say you’ve been hitting the gym regularly, and yet you’re still not seeing any results. If you haven’t changed your eating habits, then that may be the culprit. No matter how much exercise you do, if you still regularly binge on unhealthy food and drinks–sugary sodas, greasy french fries, cheeseburgers, that kind of stuff–then you definitely won’t see much progress.

3. You don’t eat enough throughout the day.

It sounds counterintuitive, but it really isn’t. If you’re still under the misconception that eating less–like having just one meal a day–will make you lose weight, then that’s probably why you aren’t seeing results. This will just slow down your metabolism, which means your body will take longer and longer to burn the calories you consume. To speed up your metabolism, you need to constantly make it work. Instead of eating three meals a day, eat five to six smaller meals every few hours to boost your metabolism.

4. You don’t get enough sleep.

The simplest explanation behind the association between weight gain and sleep deprivation is the fact that when you’re sleep deprived, you won’t have much energy throughout the day to move around, much less have energy to do a workout. Not getting enough sleep also messes with your hormones, which can screw up your metabolism and cause you to eat more.

5. You’re stressed out all the time.

Stress leads to the increased production of cortisol, a hormone that increases your appetite and increases fat storage in your belly. Clearly not good for weight loss, yes?

6. You do the same workout routine over and over.

If you keep doing the same workout routine, your body will eventually get used to it–and when that happens, it just won’t work as hard as before to burn those calories. Your body needs to constantly be challenged for you to get continuous results, so try to change your routine every few weeks.

7. You’re not consistent.

Do you sometimes skip workouts? Do you eat healthy one week and consume nothing but cheat meals the next? Be consistent with your exercise routine and your diet, because you definitely won’t see any progress if you keep quitting and starting back up again.

8. You have too many cheat days.

Ideally, you shouldn’t even have a cheat day. If your goal is to lose weight, you should only allow yourself one cheat meal a week. It’s restrictive, yes, but no one ever said losing weight was easy, right?

9. You’re not giving it enough time.

Some of us expect to see results in just one week–but it doesn’t always work that way. If you are exercising consistently and eating right, you will shed the excess weight. You just need to be realistic about your expectations when it comes to seeing results, because it definitely won’t happen overnight.

10. You have a medical condition that prevents you from losing weight.

If you’re doing everything right and you’re still not slimming down, then maybe it’s time to see your doctor to see if you have any medical conditions that could be preventing you from losing weight. Thyroid disease, for instance, can make you gain weight and make it hard for you to lose it.

Photo by Jodi Green / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

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