10 Spring Cleaning Tips That Will Help You Save Time and Energy


You know it’s springtime when you get that urge to give your home a major deep clean–spring being a time of rebirth and renewal and all that. But if you aren’t a clean freak, you’re probably not looking forward to this. At all.

Still, it needs to be done.

To make the work less tedious, here are some spring cleaning tips to help you save time and make this year’s seasonal cleaning session as efficient as possible:

1. Make a list.

Plan it all out. Make a list of all the tasks you need to do, such as flip the mattresses in each room and polish the wood furniture. This will prevent you from forgetting anything.

2. Schedule your cleaning session during downtime.

If you live with a lot of people, or if you have kids in the house, schedule your spring cleaning session during downtime–like when everyone’s at work or when your kids are at school. Having lots of people there who may make a mess in the room you just cleaned will just slow you down.

3. Bring all your cleaning supplies and tools in a handy container.

Before starting, list down all the cleaning supplies and tools you are going to need, then collect them and deposit them in a handy container, like a basket. This will prevent you from forgetting a certain item and having to go all over the house collecting the things you need while you’re already cleaning.

4. Delegate.

If you’re lucky enough to have people to help you, delegate specific tasks to make the cleaning go faster and more efficiently.

5. Take it one room at a time. 

Start with one room and do everything that needs to be done in there before moving on to the next. This will allow you to stay focused and give your undivided attention to that specific area, which makes it less likely for you to forget something or leave it unfinished. Not to mention, flitting from room to room and will just tire you out faster.

6. Work your way from the top down.

If your house has a second–or even third–floor, start with the topmost floor and work your way down. Then, when you’re done with the inside of the house, move on to the the outside. Aside from being a more organized way of doing things, this will prevent you from having to pass through any area that you had already cleaned.

7. Multitask.

Try to do two things at once. If you’re cleaning the bathroom, scrub the toilet or clean the shower head while waiting for your floors to soak in cleaning solution.

8. Have a garbage bag or box onhand for quick trash disposal.

Every room will yield trash and old items you want to throw away. Bring a garbage bag or old box with you in each room you clean so you can quickly throw things out right then and there, without having to leave the room. Make sure to have one bag or box for actual trash, and one for stuff that you want to donate or perhaps sell at your next yard sale.

9. Collect all the laundry from each room as you go.

After you finish cleaning one room, take all the dirty laundry you collected from that specific room and leave it somewhere instead of rushing right to the washing machine. Do this after cleaning each room. When you are ready to tackle the floor where your laundry area is, bring all the laundry you collected and start your first load. Then, move on to cleaning other areas as you wait for the load to finish.


Clean As You Go. Pretty self-explanatory. You don’t want to create more messes that you’ll have to address later.

Photo by Chalon Handmade / CC BY 2.0

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