Hilary Duff’s New Turquoise Hair: Love It or Hate It?

hilary duff

So Hilary Duff got herself a hair makeover and dyed her hair turquoise… and it’s pretty disconcerting. But in a good way.

I don’t know about you, but I love this look on Hilary. She’s never had any other hair color other than blonde and brown, so this is a really fun change for her. Admittedly she’s a little late to the colorful hair craze, which has been waning as of late, but it’s still pretty trendy.

But why this particular color?

“I was just in Cabo with my son and I was staring at the ocean, and I was like, I want that [color] on my head,” Hilary said of her decision to dye her hair this beautiful, blue-green shade.

What do you think of Hilary’s hair makeover?

Photo by ImageCollect

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