Women’s Ideal Body Types Throughout History [Video]


In this day and age, tall and skinny is no longer considered the perfect female body shape. Thanks to Kim Kardashian, large butts and ample thighs are now all the rage–everyone’s obsessed about having a big booty nowadays.

But like it or not, women’s bodies come in different shapes and different sizes–that’s just how it is. Not everyone can have the ideal body, which as of the moment is the type of body with large breasts, a big butt, a tiny waist, toned abs, and a thigh gap. We can’t all have the same body!

Now, if you’re one of those gals who don’t quite fit in with the Kim Kardashian model of beauty, here’s something to make you feel a little better–and more comfortable–in our own skin. The ideal female body type has never been the same throughout history–it’s constantly changing. And at one point in history, your body was the ideal body type.

Photo by YouTube

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