10 Winter Skin Care Tips To Prevent Dry, Flaky Skin


The winter season can be tough on your skin–it gets all dry, flaky, and just plain awful.

1. Exfoliate.

You’re supposed to exfoliate your skin no matter the season, but it’s especially important in the winter. You need to slough off those dead skin cells if you want to stay flake-free, after all.

2. Lessen the hot showers.

I know a nice, scalding hot shower sounds amazing at this time, but if you want to keep from drying out your skin, try to lessen the hot water when showering. Prolonged exposure to hot water will strip your skin of its natural oils, which will further exacerbate your dry skin problem.

3. Moisturize more.

Just like exfoliation, moisturizing is supposed to be an important part of your everyday skin care routine. But in the winter season, your normal moisturizing routine isn’t going to cut it–you need to step up your game. Moisturize more frequently throughout the day, and go for oil-based moisturizers, as they will stay on your skin much longer.

4. Apply moisturizer before sleeping.

Before hitting the sack, make sure to apply a long-wearing moisturizer all over your face and body–you need to keep your skin hydrated while you sleep, right? You could also wear gloves and socks to lock in the moisture until morning.

5. Don’t skip the sunscreen.

This doesn’t really have anything to do with preventing dry skin, but do it anyway. The sun can damage your skin (premature aging, anyone?) whatever the season, so wearing sunscreen should still be a part of your regimen during the winter months.

6. Switch to hydrating skin care products.

In the wintertime you’re going to want to stay away from anything that dries out your skin, and facial cleansers and toners have a tendency to do that. For now, switch to skin care products that are more hydrating and contain moisturizing ingredients.

7. Stick to fragrance-free products.

Dry skin can be particularly sensitive to the fragrances in skin products, so avoid aggravating your skin further by sticking to products that are fragrance-free, and preferably without any harsh chemicals.

8. Use a moisturizing face mask.

Give your skin some major TLC by adding a moisturizing face mask to your skin care routine. If you don’t want to spend, DIY face masks made with ingredients like honey, coconut oil, avocado, or egg yolks work just as well–and they’re all-natural, so you can use them more frequently throughout the week!

9. Bring petroleum jelly wherever you go.

Petroleum jelly is great for providing and retaining skin moisture, and it’s extremely versatile. You can use it to moisturize your lips, your hands, your feet–well, you get the idea. It’s also great for applying around your nose to prevent dryness and irritation when you have a cold!

10. Drink plenty of water.

Hydrate your skin from the inside out by drinking plenty of water!

Photo by Nagy Anna / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

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