10 Holiday Movies To Enjoy With Your Family This Christmas


Families always get together during the holidays, and admit it or not, it can get pretty darn crazy–what with all the drunken uncles, the gossipy aunts, and the judgmental in-laws. But since Christmas is a time for family, no matter how dysfunctional that family might be, you need to spend it with them.

And what better way to bond and forget about all the family drama for a while than watching some holiday movies with families that’ll make you feel good about yours?

Sound like a plan? Here are 10 holiday movies you should enjoy with your family this Christmas:

1. Four Christmases

2. Christmas with The Kranks

3. The Santa Clause

4. Home Alone

5. The Family Stone

6. Christmas Vacation

7. Fred Claus

8. This Christmas

9. Jingle All The Way

10. Elf

Photo by 20th Century Fox

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