10 Ways to Use Loose Pigments


Did you know that loose pigments are one of the most versatile beauty items you could ever have in your makeup arsenal? They aren’t just for eyeshadow.

Here are 10 ways to use loose pigments:

1. Eyeliner

Always wanted to try a bright turquoise or fuchsia eyeliner? Well, now you can! Just mix any pigment of your choice with a mixing medium (water or eye drops could also work) and apply to your lids with a thin eyeliner brush.

2. Colored Mascara

Black mascara can get pretty boring after a while. Add some color to your lashes by mixing some clear mascara and loose pigment on a flat surface (a small plate, for instance) and applying with a clean, disposable mascara wand. You could also add the pigment directly into your tube of clear mascara.

3. Eyebrow Powder

Same with the eyeliner trick–just take some mixing medium, mix the pigment into it, and apply to your eyebrows with an angled brow brush. Make sure to use a matte pigment for this though… unless you want metallic or shimmery brows!

4. Lipstick / Lip Gloss

Mix clear lip gloss, petroleum jelly, or lip balm with your pigment (or pigments) of choice to create your own custom lip color. You can control the opacity of the resulting lip color by adding more or less of the pigment.

5. Blush

Take a tiny–and I do mean tiny–bit of pigment and apply lightly to your face with your favorite blush brush. If you want to a cream blush for a dewy finish, mix the pigment with some face moisturizer (remember, a little goes a long way!) and apply to your cheeks.

6. Highlighter

Sweep a light, shimmery (or glittery, if that’s your thing) pigment along the tops of your cheekbones, down the bridge of your nose, and on any other areas you want to highlight. If you’re used to liquid highlighters, just mix some of that pigment with a bit of face moisturizer and apply to selected areas of the face. For an all-over glow, mix a little bit of pigment with your usual foundation.

7. Bronzer

Apply the pigment with a brush to contour your face, or add a little bit to your foundation to fake sunkissed skin.

8. Nail Polish

Loose pigments aren’t just for your face! You could also use them to create your own custom nail polish colors. Pour some clear nail polish into a bowl or plate and mix with a bit of pigment. Another way to do this is to add the pigment directly to into your bottle of nail polish and shaking it well to combine.

9. Body Shimmer

Mix your pigment of choice with some body lotion and apply to selected areas of your body for a DIY body shimmer. You could also use pigments to enhance your cleavage–just use a matte brown pigment for the contours, and a light, shimmery pigment to highlight the area between your breasts.

10. Temporary Hair Color

Want some temporary streaks of color in your hair? Mix your pigment of choice with hair gel, mousse, pomade, or wax and apply directly to the hair with your hands.

Photo by Lorena Cupcake / CC BY 2.0

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