10 Other Uses for Lip Balm


Lip balms aren’t just for moisturizing dry, chapped lips. It has a multitude of uses for both the face and body, which is great if you’re stuck somewhere with nothing but a tube of lip balm in your purse. Also, now that winter is almost upon us, you’ll find that your lip balm can help with a lot of the skin issues that you usually face due to the cold weather.

1. Use it to moisturize your cuticles.

Dry cuticles can be really painful. To help prevent this, swipe some lip balm on your cuticles every night before bed to moisturize them.

2. Use it as a hand lotion.

If your hands are feeling particularly dry and there’s no hand lotion in sight, you could take some lip balm in your hands and rub them on the dry areas.

3. Use it as an eye cream.

There’s really no need to buy an expensive eye cream if you’ve got some lip balm on hand. Just apply around your eyes before bed to help prevent wrinkles and fine lines.

4. Use it to fix eye makeup mistakes.

Take some lip balm on a Q-tip to erase any eye makeup mistakes before going back over the area with eyeshadow.

5. Use it around your nose when you have a cold to prevent dryness and irritation.

Constant nose-blowing is inevitable when you’ve got a cold, and this can lead to the skin around your nose becoming dry and rough. To prevent or fix this problem, slather on some lip balm around your nose–just remember not to apply the tube directly, as you don’t want your cold germs hanging around on your lip balm and making you sick again once you’re feeling better!

6. Use it as a highlighter.

Dab a little lip balm along the tops of your cheekbones for a quick, dewy look.

7. Use it as a clear brow gel. 

Forgot to do your brows? Tame the stray hairs with some lip balm to keep your brows neat.

8. Use it to tame flyaway hair.

The weather can do strange things to your hair, and if you need a quick fix for frizzy, flyaway hair, take some lip balm, rub it into your palms, and get to work on those pesky flyaways!

9. Use it to protect your skin from stains when dyeing your hair.

Rub some lip balm around your hairline to prevent hair dye from staining your skin when coloring your hair.

10. Use it on your feet to prevent blisters when wearing shoes with no pantyhose or socks.

It sounds gross, I know, but lip balm is a quick fix for those days that you need to wear shoes without pantyhose or socks. There are some types of shoes that rub up against the backs of your ankles when you walk, causing painful, chafed skin and blisters. Rubbing some lip balm on areas that are most prone to friction can help prevent this. And, now this goes without saying, but don’t use the tube of lip balm directly on your feet! Just scrape off some lip balm from the tube with your finger or a Q-tip and apply.

What are your other genius uses for your lip balm?

Photo by Nina Nelson / CC BY 2.0

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