Top 10 Female Fashion Trends Guys Hate

You know those trendy clothing items in your closet that you absolutely love? Well, like it or not, guys hate them–or at least some of them, anyway.

So if you care what guys think (which you shouldn’t, because when it comes to your clothes the only opinion that matters is yours) about your outfits, then read on:


1. Harem Pants

Apparently, guys don’t want girls looking like they take their style cues from MC Hammer.


2. High-waisted Jeans (or high-waisted ANYTHING, really)

These are the two words that run though their minds when they see you in this getup: “mom jeans”


3. Peplum Tops / Dresses

The peplum is one fashion trend that actually serves a purpose–it can hide muffin tops! But alas, men hate this nifty little fashion innovation because they think it’s unnecessary and/or unflattering.

sunglasses Lookbook

4. Oversized Sunglasses

It reminds them of an alien… or a bug. But I like to think that they hate it because they can’t see your pretty face!

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5. Platform Shoes

Platform shoes were cool in the ’90s–back when everyone was still dressing like the Spice Girls. Though a bit retro, they can be cute in the right style… but guys just don’t agree. They think it looks chunky and weird.


6. Leggings

Some dudes think leggings are “too revealing.” Others only hate them when they’re worn as pants (which a lot of women hate as well) because, duh, camel toe alert!


7. Maxi Dresses

Maxi dresses are great for those days when you just want to feel all breezy and carefree. Sadly, guys hate them… either because they can’t see your legs, or because they think it makes you look pregnant.


8. High-Low Skirts

There are varying opinions on this among guys. Some dislike them because they look “awkward,” and others dislike them because, like the peplum trend, they think it’s just plain unnecessary.


9. Wedges

A survey conducted by last year revealed that men (71% out of 2,103 male respondents) find wedges to be the “least attractive shoe trend.” We’re just not sure why.


10. Uggs

In the same survey, Uggs ranked second as the most unattractive shoes for women, according to 67% of the respondents.

But who cares what they think, right? Fashion is fun–or at least, it’s supposed to be fun. It’s a means of self-expression.

Girls, don’t dress for anyone but yourself!

Are you a fan of any of these trends? Which one’s your favorite?


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