Top 10 Fall Closet Essentials

New season, new wardrobe.

By this time around, you’ve probably already picked out all the key pieces you would need to look gorgeous and stylish this season. But if you’re one of those procrastinators who leaves everything at the last minute and you still haven’t finished shopping for your fall closet essentials, here’s a simple guide to help you out:


1. A colored coat

Dark colors rule this season, but that doesn’t mean you have to stick to charcoal grays or, even worse, black. Make sure to get yourself a coat in a muted–yet still eye-catching–color to keep your outfits from looking too monochromatic.


2. A striped shirt

Striped shirts are good for any season, really, but for some reason it’s particularly useful in the fall, for when you need to add some variety to your layering pieces.


3.  A simple, figure-hugging dress

With all those layers you have to wear, it’s much more difficult to show off those curves you worked so hard for to get ready for bikini season. Show off your figure from under that bulky coat with a sexy dress like this.


4. A leather jacket

Need I say more?


5. A pair of boots that go with everything

Again… need I say more?


6. A white button-down shirt

This is a major closet staple, no matter what the season. It’s also great for layering. You can wear it with a sweater (or a cute sweater vest), a blazer, a trench coat–anything you want.


7. A pencil skirt

Pleated skirts and skater skirts and maxi skirts are all the rage in summer, but for fall, pencil skirts are the way to go.


8. A pretty scarf

Brighten up your outfit with a cute scarf–preferably one in a loud, in-your-face color. You could also go for printed or embellished scarves.


9. A pair of ballet flats

In addition to boots, ballet flats are a great shoe choice for fall. Plus, they’re super comfy, too!


10. A trench coat

Because you just NEED IT. You NEED IT.

Did you like this list? What are your closet essentials for fall?

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