10 YouTube Beauty Gurus We Love (And We’re Sure You Will Too!)

YouTube has hundreds and hundreds of beauty gurus who offer all kinds of hair and makeup tutorials, beauty product reviews, and beauty tips. But if you want to narrow your subscriptions down to a select few, make sure to include these 10 popular beauty gurus.


1. Michelle Phan

Of course Michelle Phan would be on this list. Considered one of the most successful–if not the most successful–YouTube beauty bloggers in the world, Michelle has more than 6 million subscribers and over 300 beauty videos for you to check out. She is the online spokeswoman for Lancome and has her own cosmetics line, Em-Cosmetics.


2. Kandee Johnson

Kandee is another heavy favorite on YouTube, and not just because she clearly knows her stuff when it comes to all things beauty. Her subscribers love her because of her awesome personality, which is just as sweet as her name.


3. Marlena Stell (Makeup Geek)

Marlena hasn’t hit the 1 million mark yet on her subscriber list, but she definitely deserves to. A professional makeup artist and businesswoman, Marlena not only makes videos, but also owns a beauty blog with more comprehensive tutorials and reviews (for those of you who aren’t satisfied with just videos). Oh, and she also has her own cosmetics line with lots of affordable MAC dupes!


4. Alicia “Leesha” Collinge (xsparkage)

If you love neon colors, rainbow eye makeup, and basically anything bright and happy, subscribe to Leesha now. More than 90% of the time she uses loud, attention-grabbing colors in her makeup looks, but she also has this knack for making them completely wearable.


5. Wayne Goss (gossmakeupartist)

Another professional makeup artist, Wayne Goss offers quick, no-fuss videos full of invaluable beauty tips and makeup tutorials that are useful to everyone. We also love his British accent!


6. Bethany Zion (iwanted2c1video)

Bethany has some great video tutorials that feature wearable everyday looks, but her real talent lies in transforming herself into some amazing fantasy creature–like a mermaid or a fairy. So if you’re in need of some inspiration for a Halloween costume, check out her channel!


7. Jen Chae (frmheadtotoe) 

For Asian ladies who want videos that can help them enhance their monolid eye shapes, Jen of From Head To Toe is the beauty guru to follow. But hey, even if you weren’t blessed with that cute almond eye shape, you can still benefit from Jen’s easy-to-follow video tutorials.


8. Lauren Shurney (queenofblending)

Not for the faint of heart! If you are into over-the-top makeup looks that are 100% bold and colorful, Lauren the Queen of Blending is one beauty guru you most definitely need to subscribe to. Sure, most of the looks she does in her videos are more “drag queen” than “prom queen,” but that’s exactly what makes them so awesome!


9. Julia Graf (misschievous)

Whether you need a makeup look for a party, a Halloween costume, or just a day at the office, Julia Graf has got you covered. This versatile and creative YouTuber has amazing tutorials that range from simple, day-to-day looks to complicated costume-y masterpieces.


10. Mimi & Leyla (luxyhair)

So maybe makeup isn’t your thing, and you just want to find a beauty guru who can help you make your hair look ultra-gorgeous. Subscribe to Mimi and Leyla’s YouTube channel, where it’s all about hair care and styling. They also run their own hair extensions business, LuxyHair.com!

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