Mother’s Day Ideas for $20 or less!

Wondering what to do with Mom next week? Here are 3 Mother’s Day Ideas for $20 or less!

Tie a ribbon around your finger for May 11th! Ok, it might be easier to remind yourself with an IPhone calendar alert but it’s your choice- just make it special for the woman who birthed you! Now you might have a routine of heading to the grocer to purchase a funny or heart-warming card but for the price of a few cards you could make a memory that will last forever. Hallmark may be capable of magical things, but nothing compares to dedicating your day to the woman who bears stretch marks named after you.

Mother's day ideas

Here are some ideas that will cost you less than $20 while focusing on su madre for the entire joyous day:

1. Mother-daughter Mani-Pedi day! Dealer’s choice- you can be savvy and get a Groupon or Living Social deal to actually purchase two Mani-Pedi’s for this price, or you can host your own! I recently took my momma out for a Mani-Pedi and she lit up like a firecracker when she noticed how pretty her digits looked in bright pink polish. It was definitely a moment to remember. If you host your own, consider making a theme out of it and doing it up right!

Mother's day ideas

Shopping list:

Nail color with fun names (recently I bought Vacation Day while on vacation and I liked it about 4.5 times more than without the name). My mom was a fan of strawberry margarita.

Speaking of libations, go ahead and purchase a bottle of wine or skinny girl margaritas!

Nail files, buffer, foot file, nail clipper(s), cuticle oil, clear nail polish, sugar scrub.

Tips: Heat a large bowl of water to place your feet in while you watch a fun show, like the Mindy Project. Once your feet are nice and raisin-like, use the sugar or salt scrub to take away years of dead things. The cuticle oil will help your hands and feet feel smooth and flawless, just like your Mom! The libations will help you feel smooth and flawless… while singing your heart out to Taylor Swift.

2. Drive-in movies and munchies!

Mother's day ideas

Hopefully you have an actual drive in near you, but if you do not- budget movies or coupons work here as well! A matinee is within the budget if all else fails, sisters. I will pretend you opted for the drive-in, which is my favorite option for sure. Find a rom-com or a drama that speaks to your sisterhood and motherly bond. Right now “The Other Woman” would be a good candidate. Pack a couple comfy blankets, pop the tailgate down on your truck and poor the wine!

A make-ahead snack that is sure to please: pop plain popcorn before you go to the show and sprinkle olive oil, ground rosemary and parmesan cheese onto it– gourmet goods to give your wine something to cling to. Slice some baguettes, scoop some goat cheese and drizzle honey to make another tasty snack that will make you feel grown-up while you giggle like school girls when a hottie takes his shirt off on the screen.

3. Picnics and antiques!

 Mothers day ideas

Shows like Pickers and Down East Dickering have made us all a little hopeful about the treasure hunt- your mom is definitely no exception. If adorning your home with vintage ship wheels strikes your fancy, make a day out of your antiquing adventure! The theme here is “vintage” so buy your mom a pair of cat eye glasses, a silky scarf for her head or a giant owl necklace to help get her in a sentimental mood! Make sure to stop at the ATM- cash is king and definitely a good way to haggle a price down.

Mothers day ideas

To fill your nostalgic tummies, try a picnic with vintage goods. A large picnic basket, stadium flannel blanket and some vintage canteens will look favorable, while washing down old school cocktails and eating salad in mason jars. Pasta salads or veggie salads will keep well in mason jars– simply keep your dressing separate to keep it from getting soggy. I like kale-chicken-parmesan with a homemade Caesar dressing or couscous with lemon, tomatoes, onion, parsley and dill! You can also make some delightful parmesan crisps ahead of time by simply baking parmesan shavings down in the oven, formed into little wafers. YUM!

There you have it ladies, three ideas to help you celebrate Mother’s Day for less than $20! Whether you take her antiquing, polish her nails or laugh your hearts out at a rom-com, you will be making memories that last forever. What was that coined phrase? Oh yeah, PRICELESS!

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