Female Empowerment pt 1: Women in the World: Where are we?

Female Empowerment: Where are we?

Current status of women in the US

Sheryl Sandberg told us to “lean in” but are we? Sandberg tells us we are the majority degree holders (63% of graduate degree holders are women) but then we are the minority of high positions in the work place- WTF? Sheryl asks “WTF?” and we should too- where are we, ladies? This is the first article in a series to help us understand ‘Where are we?’ ‘Where have we been?’ And ‘Where are we going?’ The path ahead may be long, but we have illuminated it with the greats like Mother Theresa and Gloria Steinem, who just turned 80 this year, btw. Happy Birthday, lady warrior.

Female Empowerment

I ask “Where are we?” because I am used to seeing stats that show outliers. We may be proud of them, but 1-2 out of every 10 women is not what we need to be shooting for- that shows a rarity. If that stat were a disease, it would not have its own fun run/walk, my friends. Women hold 14% of executive-level positions, 18% of congress, and earn $0.80 for every dollar a man earns (up from $0.59 in 1970). Math- That’s 21 cents more per dollar per hour we are making, for the last 44 years. Gulp. I would like my coffees 20% off from now on, just to make some headway.

Female Empowerment (Hillary Clinton, The economist)

Those shining stars only account for some of us, so where are the rest of us?  41% of women are primary breadwinners. 52% of African American children are raised by a single mother. Oh hey ladies.  Props to my single mothers, your job is not easy and as we have seen, you are likely underpaid for what you do. Globally, 8.6 million of us are living far below poverty limits. 13.9% of women in the US are living at this level, compared to 10% of men (thenewagenda.net). There’s one point for the womenfolk we wish we were not winning. Male or female, it is no fun to struggle and our situation must be improved.

Female Empowerment

Oh, and I hate to say it, but it gets worse. Not only are many of us living in insecure, impoverished conditions but we are not safe in other ways too: 85% of domestic violence is against women. An estimated 1.3 million women are victims of physical assault by an intimate partner each year (National Coalition Against Domestic Violence). If others are not abusing us, we are hurting ourselves with ideas of being overweight. Research has shown 81% of 10 year old girls are afraid of being “fat” and only 2% of women in general believe they are beautiful (Girl Scout Research Institute).

Female Empowerment

By now I hope you have an image of where we are at- we are young, healthy and beautiful (even if we do not know it), and are capable of changing the world. “We must be the change we want to see in the world” (Gandhi) is one of my absolute favorite quotes and stands tall here. If we want to change our stats, we must be the stats. We must demonstrate our own earning potential, confidence, belief in ourselves and capabilities in running the world or raising healthy, happy kids- whatever we choose to do. We need to do more than lean in ladies, we have to jump, swim, scale, run, and bite our way through the murky haze ahead of us until we have a future we are impeccably proud of. It’s coming- can’t you feel it?


Female Empowerment


Stay tuned for future articles on where we have been and where we are headed. Spoiler alert, there is a lot of good ahead of us. Keep calm and carry on… or rather, get motivated and get moving! Yeah, that fits us better.


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