The Best Beach Vacation! Pack right and stay protected!

Pack right, eat right and stay protected. You’ll have your best beach vacation!

Don’t hate, but I am writing this from Ocean Isle Beach, in sunny North Carolina. I am a big fan of beachy vacations and my years of experience can serve as a guide for you before you take your lovely winter skin outside and it turns into a lobster taco. I am a bit of a pack rat, so I did my best to whittle down my tips into three key areas: pack right, eat right and stay protected! This best beach vacation guide includes the necessities; eat healthy to refrain from bloating in a bikini and to protect the skin you are in, sisters!

best beach vacation

1.  Pack right

First, check your Weather Channel app before you go- it is important to realize the nights might be cold, the days might be humid and the wind may send your skirt flying. Trust me. While I think you can pack like a travelista for the nights and inland adventures, the beach packing is a little different. I have come to terms that if I leave my sunbrella at home, I look around the beach like a lost toddler with sandy underroos. Some things are just necessities, people! If you are unaware of what sunbrella is, it is a handy dandy beach cave (made of umbrella material) that will shade your eyeballs from the direct sun and allow you to read without your pages blowing around everywhere.

best beach vacation

Aside from your beach umbrella, remember:

Wide-brimmed sun hat, sunnies (like my reflective aviators), a light hooded sweatshirt, flip flops, reading material: magazines, novels and newspapers, a pillow, beach blanket, cooler for your lemonades and coconut water, camera and/or phone with camera, hair ties, deep conditioning treatment to smooth over the ends of your hair, anti-bacterial gel and bug spray.

2. Eat right

best beach vacation

The last thing you want to feel in a teeny bikini is like a ten pound food baby. When going to the beach for the day you might not need to worry about it but if you go away for a week- those sugary margaritas and full bodied beers will turn your taut tummy into something out of a horror story. Salt, sugar, bad carbs and fried anything will make you feel less than a goddess, which is what you are. To continue feeling fabulous all vacation long, consider filling up on leafy greens, lean protein (like chicken and seafood), citrus and lots of water. As I said before, pack your coolers with healthful snacks like coconut water (just watch the sugar content), sugar-free lemonade, mineral water, sliced veggies and hummus, citrus fruits or berries, and little peanut butter packs with sliced apples. When you are smoking hot in a bikini and laying in the sizzling sun the nachos and coronas are a mirage that needs to be shaken from your healthy mind!

3. Protect yourself.

By now, Ms. Sun Goddess, you know the sun can harm your gorgeous skin and line you up for future issues like skin cancer. To avoid a road of leathery skin and cancerous moles (doesn’t that frighten you?) simply slather on the SPF! Your suntan lotion should be higher on the beach than your normal BB cream- try upwards of 50 full-spectrum SPF. You need to reapply your ‘screen about every 45 minutes to really protect yourself. Your sun hat and cover-up are additional insurance policies that are not to be forgotten on your best beach vacation.

Best beach vacation

There you are ladies, the limited edition, limited packing list that will lengthen your torso and lighten your mood! OK, I cannot “lengthen” your torso, but the alliteration was too tempting. Take my advice and you will sail into summer with all the right packing material, a slim tummy and baby-smooth skin from now until you turn 100. The sun is our girl but like any good frenemy, she will get you if you put your (SPF) guard down.

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