Best Spring Break deals and ideas!

Looking for the Best Spring Break deals? Here are some great ideas and tips!

MTV may be stationed in the usual sweaty-swag beach spots- Miami, Las Vegas and Cancun but where are you spending your week off of school and work? Clubbin’ it up with fluorescent umbrella drinks in hand or muddying your boots on an audacious hike? Whatever your vacation-personality, do it up RIGHT this year. If you have the time off but do not have a plan, this guide is for you, sister! I have deciphered 5 of the best Spring Break deals and ideas that are sure to get your motor runnin’, head out on the highway (of life)!

Best Spring Break deals

1. Try a new adventure! Take advantage of your time off to do something unique and exciting that stretches your brain- without the stress of getting an A on a final or credits going toward your econ major. There are so many interesting endeavors you might have heard of but never tried, like geocaching! You can make this adventure as big or small as you want- in your town or spread out over the week like a treasure hunt that spans states! You will learn geography and feel a little like Indiana Jones (side note, rent that as well to cap off your escapade).  

Best Spring Break deals

Another brain-stretching option: try taking a mini class at the local community college, library or attend a workshop through Meetup. Browsing my own Meetup account showed me options for 3-day community service opportunities and workshops that I would not have thought of otherwise. Taking time to try something new will make your week memorable and feed your mind!

2. Be a Low-budget Flyer. Major websites like Orbitz or Expedia might have some last minute deals, but there are additional options they are not showing you. Try airlines like Southwest, Allegiant Air and other budget flights (like Spirit or Jet Blue) that fly to limited options and do not typically show up on travel search engines. Let their flight schedules guide your trip! On my last Spring break trip in college, I went to New York with friends of mine on a dime. We found a flight for $49 each way and realized my roomie had a cousin with floor space in Brooklyn! You can also browse travel options at Living social, Groupon and other discount sites to help you pick up some hotel possibilities and other markdowns to round out your budget-savvy travels!

Best Spring Break deals

3. Take it to the Road. This is my personal cup of java. Take advantage of your week off to travel as far as you can in the 4 wheeled dream machine (aka your 2008 Sonata with a broken mirror). I tend to magnetize toward the sea and have driven to gorgeous beaches in Texas (South Padre), North Carolina (Carolina Beach), South Carolina (Myrtle Beach) and California (Children’s Pool, San Diego). If you love the mountains, giant balls of twine or political landmarks, theme up your trip and create a map of the landmarks most meaningful. If you have a pet, check out Bring Fido’s app to guide you to pet-friendly hotels. If not, check out last minute hotel apps like Travel Zoo and Hotel Tonight to gain access to last minute discounts based on your location. The Food Network apps are handy if you feel like eating your way through the US of diners, drive-in’s and hearty dishes.

Best Spring Break deals

4. Day trip it up! Who needs to stay overnight when you love your bed and pillows too much to ever cheat on them with hotel stays?  Look at events in your state or within driving distance to guide you in one magnanimous direction. Act like a tourist in your own state! Take a day to scour thrift stores! Find the best reviewed State park you have never visited (example: Devil’s Lake in Wisconsin- so good). One day is long enough to break you from your norm and spark a little long awaited energy into your recovering Snowmageddon soul. Check out Trip Advisor or your local event’s calendar to showcase some unique go-to’s you can check off your bucket list.

Best Spring Break deals

5. Bring back the Staycation. This popular term came to us in the recession but I kinda love it. It brings a different feeling to your week rather than just staying home and doing the same old TV marathons in jammies with ample ice cream. I mean, you can do that, but add “cation” to the end of your activity and you suddenly feel like your agenda is of the utmost importance. Like, everyone is jealous of your Bones-cation, complete with exercising to a mix-cd of songs from the show’s montages and a commentary party with your friends after watching the latest episode. Invite your girls over for mani-pedi’s, a clothes-swap or to plant a garden! If you have something to do, you will feel rejuvenated and accomplished after your week is over.

Best Spring Break Deals

Whether you go to South Padre, Devil’s Lake, thrift-store Tuesday or simply swap clothes with your girls while sipping on Smirnoff light mango lemonades, it’s going to be a good time. Some of the best spring break deals are out now. When you place importance on relaxation, connecting with friends, adventures or learning, guess what? It Happens! In the eternal words of the Cars and Yngwie, “Let the good times roll.”

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