4 Best Apps to Make Life Easier for Mom

Mom’s can always use more ways to get organized! Here are some of the Best Apps to Make Life Easier!


Being a mom stands for Main Organizer of Most everything, the “e” is just silent. Since you are already the project manager of life itself, consider the tools you are using in your day to day. You might be old school and have a plethora of paper lists, planners, calendars (like the lighthouse number on my own fridge) and sticky notes surrounding you like a paper cocoon. You might be tech savvy and organize it all through your Outlook, OneNote and other programs on your computer or you might be super mom and have apps that can do that. If you are not a yellow belt in online organization and tools just yet, never fret- here are 4 of the best apps to get you started and make life a little easier.

Apps to Make Life Easier

Upon reflection, I realized the key areas for me were organizing coupons and discounts, health and nutrition, activities and meal planning. If you mirror my issues (and I will not even get into the real breadth of my issues <sigh, chuckle, sigh some more>) then this may be your first step into app-hood for good!

Apps to Make Life Easier

1. Organize your shopping discounts with Coupon Sherpa, a free app that allows you to browse coupons from your favorite retailers like Gap, Kohl’s, Michael’s and even restaurants like Chili’s. The breadth of retailers and restaurants change according to new coupons uploaded but you can also save your favorites to check for coupons in a flash.  I have been using this app for about a year and it has helped me to discard coupons and cards from places like Express and Bath and Body Works that I used to cling to like the last baked potato chip in the bag.

An alternate app I have heard rave reviews about as well: Retail Me Not.

Apps to Make Life Easier

2. I am mostly a walk-my-dog kind of fitness fan but I was inspired by my research and found some exceptional free and paid apps that could whip even this booty into shape. The app I am applauding (get it? Haha ohh) is Pretty Fit, which is also pretty free. On it you can watch workout videos for a multitude of exercises that are conveniently separated by how much time you have. 15 minutes while your daughter takes a brief nap? Yoga poses appear on your phone before you can say “stretchy pants.” The app also dives into diets, nutrition/meal planning and even includes a “skinny jeans workout.” Boom.

Paid apps you may also consider: 7 Minute Workout Challenge, Sleep Cycle Power Nap, Couch 2 5K, and Yoga Studio.

Free workout apps: Moms into Fitness, My Pregnancy Today and Total Mommy Fitness.

Apps to Make Life Easier

3. I am a big crafter and kind of find it surreal that it is becoming a “cool” thing to do. I have a love-hate relationship with Pinterest, and of course must recommend it as a top app if you are not already a card carrying member. For those of you who want an alternative, there are tons of amazing DIY blogs, and a few apps that stuck out to me. For amazing DIY for your home, Good Housekeeping has a free app, with categories like “stain buster” “do-it-all cleaning” and “home décor”.

Apps to Make Life Easier

For your kids: Creative Bug has video classes from top instructors for you and your child, on topics like knitting, making pillows, and creating your own apothecary!

Apps to Make Life Easier

4. When it comes to planning out meals I have to admit, it’s like writing out a Christmas list when I was a young girl. My eyes light up and the world is full of opportunities! If you are like the rest of the world and kind of well, abhor meal planning, these apps might be for you: Su Chef: Healthy Recipes or Real Food Moms Recommendations (both are free). These apps make healthy meal planning simple and help you create meals based on the foods you love, foods you are allergic to and the ones dieticians recommend. The apps break ideas down into easy categories with recipes or food recommendations (including brands and why each is recommended).

Another great tool: Mom365 (free).

Go now, little yellow belt, and download, download, download. The time you save from clipping coupons, gathering store cards, going to a yoga class, looking up craft projects and planning out your meals should be spent where it counts- down the road at the pedicurist. You’re welcome.

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