Wear Red in February: Celebrate American Heart Month

Wear red in February to celebrate healthy living!

Ladies, get your red dress on in February and celebrate having a healthy organ pumping in your chest. This month is dedicated to the big pumper and the American Heart Association is putting the spotlight on women’s heart issues. Wear the red dress as a symbol of heart healthiness in February and look sassy in it: win-win.

Wear Red in February

Did you know? One important fact I learned from speaking with the AHA in February is that heart disease is women’s number one killer! Here we were thinking it was breaking up with boys, cancelling Lost or missing a year-end sale at Victoria Secret. I jest, but I was unaware of this daunting statistic surrounding my valves.

Since red adorned February is drawing to an end, let me help you spend your last days (of the month- I am not that dramatic!) wisely by doing a few good deeds for the heart that goes untamed.

1. Feed it well. Hearts love healthy foods low on salt, sugar and saturated fat (sorry French fries!). Eat some red-inspired din din’s like: peanut butter chili (mix organic crushed tomatoes, red kidney beans, navy beans, one cup of peanut butter, ground turkey and Indian spices together, crock pot it up), Spinach and strawberry salad (with pine nuts, eggs and apple-cider vinaigrette) or teriyaki salmon with sweet potato puree! Okay that last one was pink, but I have been told your heart is ever so slightly color blind. Other great foods to pump your thumper- oatmeal, nuts, olive oil and broccoli (thank you)

Wear Red in February

2. Exercise it out. You know you want to twerk your abs into a six-pack of submission but did you know you were also working out your heart in that dance party? Exercising 3-5 times a week, especially activities that involve cardio, will keep your heart happy and your endorphins flowin! Try something fun like group walks at lunch (once Mr. Winter decides to take a bow, at least), hot yoga or pilates.

Wearing Red inFebruary

3. Help raise awareness. You are eating right, moving right… and now it is just time to spread the “right” and help your fellow ladies put down that chocolate-covered bacon. Okay… one won’t hurt…. But more than passing on the bacon, gift your friends with knowledge from the American Heart Association: Over 1/3 of us have or will have some form of cardio-vascular disease (gulp), we are beating men in the dying game of heart disease (ye—aweee, that stinks actually), and 64% of women will show NO signs before dying from coronary heart disease (gasp!).

Wearing Red in February

On a personal note, members of my own family battle with heart health and it is no joke. Sometimes we are stung with a hereditary slap and other times we are victims of our own bad habits. We all have a responsibility to take care of one another and ourselves. If we ignore it, guess what? Nothing good comes from ignorance and the statistics still find you. If you make the choice to eat better, move more and empower your friends and family about their hearts- you win, we all win.

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