2014 Spring Vacation Looks to Love!

New ideas for 2014 Spring Vacation Looks!

Mr. Winter may still be roaring his angry blizzardly head around town but spring is in the air, I swear. If not in the air, it is celebrating on the runway and all over key fashion blogs. Are you ready for your sultry spring vacation yet? I know I am. My cabin fever crept up and landed me in the shopping aisle, drooling over swimsuits and sundresses as if they were artifacts of a bygone era. I found several looks to love and wanted to share a few key pieces you need to add to your travel duffel ASAP.

3 Spring Vacation Looks to Love:

Spring Vacation Looks

1. The travelista look. No adventure girl is complete without a wardrobe that reads like a world map. Luckily top designers like Dolce & Gabbana understand that requirement in spades. I dare you to not feel compelled to search Groupon for an Italian getaway after perusing their catalogue. I have plans to copy their looks with a much smaller pocketbook (sigh) but with just as much intrigue. Notice the Grecian coins, black lace and breezy structures of the dresses.  Another key designer to look at for inspiration is Diana von Furstenberg re: black lacy dress. Cue drooling.  The essence of this look is to appear as if your wardrobe was compiled from the many continents you have traipsed. Oh you like my woven bracelets? South America. You love my strappy sandals? They are on sale in GREECE. Fan of my crochet swimsuit cover up? So are the ladies of Italia. Bueno.

Spring Vacation Looks

2. The New Nautical. You don’t have to be on the sea to work an anchor into your ensemble. I am particular to this theme-arena, as could be noted by the copious amounts of sea-artifacts adorning my home and most of my outfits. I am a teeny bit obsessed but this is the first season I have been able to find so much so easily- and affordably! Some of the brands I have already scoured the shelves of: Gap, Old Navy and of course, Nautica. Old Navy in particular has some vacation pieces to pick up, like their anchor scarf (pictured) or their sea-wench t-shirts. This look can span all event styles, from super casual (ie: the t-shirt and scarf combo) to dinners out (think navy blue dress with anchor-themed gold necklace and bangles). I like to imagine myself heading out on a sailing adventure… even if I am really just heading to Family Video to pick up the next season of the Mentalist.

Spring Vacation Looks

3. Comfy footwear. I do believe we are in the dawn of the best flats we everrr had. Pan to ballet flats, cigar slippers, and this spring- a look resembling the Birkenstocks of the 90’s! (Also see: Valentine black sandals with golden emblems and super cute long dresses in this month’s issue of Elle!) From past articles you may have noticed my aversion to uncomfortable clothes which typically leads me to choose wedges over heels and flats over, well anything if possible. Birkenstocks are like the Ugg boots of the 90’s summer child-iconic and oh-so-comf! Consider re-purchasing a pair in this decade or look to other designers like Bertie Jaclyn (Wide Leather Strap Flat) for a similar look that spoils your tootsies.


Additional items for your checklist: A great pair of sunglasses (I am continually partial to aviators with reflective lenses), a nice sari as a cover up and about a million other uses (think light-weight scarf, dainty dress or criss-cross tank top), sunscreen and a canvas tote to store your magazines, kindle and SUNSCREEN on your trips. Can you tell I am already creating an agenda against skin cancer for you? Remember my friends, spring is the first chance to show off your bods… so it should go without saying a little sunless tanner goes a long way for people discerning your luminescent white flesh from the sun. Just sayin’. I hope you love these spring vacation looks as much as I do and HAPPY TRAVELS!

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