Popular Selfie Poses – What Our Selfies Reveal About Us


Our top 3 most popular selfie poses. Do your selfies represent you well or wrong?

The days of point and click cameras may be behind us but selfie photo sessions are hot on the rise. I remember being in high school (before celly selfies) and holding my camera out as far as possible, praying that the resulting image would have thin arms but worried it might be a cross-eyed fandango instead. The latter usually prevailed, along with some weird double chin I swear never appeared otherwise.

Today we document everything and post it in web-space for all to enjoy. Before sending out your ninetieth photo of your child/pet wearing a funny costume/selfie in the bathroom, take a moment to digest what image you are really sending out to the universe: is it what you want?

From my extensive social media research (clicking, lots of clicking) I have stumbled upon three to four popular selfie poses I see over and over again and here is my take on what you mean versus what you scream aka how others are really receiving it.

The Duck Face aka I ate a lemon and turned British: The over-documented pose interests me because I rarely ever see people use this face without a camera in motion, however if you lift up your iPhone, lips come out like they are paid on commission. I like to think of it as a mix of Spice Girls sass with British intrigue on a good day and a teenager eating a sour citrus on the rest. Derek Zoolander was really the last person who could pull this one off, let it be ladies.

Popular Selfie Poses

What you mean by this pose: I am H-O-T, haute! Check me out, heyyyyyyy.

What you scream: I am super awkward and did not know what to do. I thought smiling was so 1985? Also I am a little self-conscious of my face when a camera comes out, kinda like that guy in commercials who puts his hand in his pocket and paces around.

The Workout pic. It may be February and it might be awesome you are still motivated to work out for your new year’s resolution, but do you really want all those photos in yoga pants and sweaty tanks? Your friends are definitely happy you are losing weight but you are not really helping them forget you had it.

Popular Selfie PosesPopular Selfie Poses

What you mean by this pose: I am proud of taking 30 min a day to cycle and I look good!

What you scream: My bewildered face is really a combination of exhaustion and sheer endorphins. Side note: endorphins do not always look good in leggings as pants.

The Artsy pic/ I was not looking when the photo was taken selfie: First off, yes you were. Don’t live a lie. It is impossible to take a selfie and not know you are taking it, unless of course you drop the phone and it goes off, but that looks much more like a weird red fuzzy coat pocket than a mysterious glance off to the distance. This is supposed to make us look artsy, enigmatic, engaged…. But really it takes away from our natural symmetry, which has been known to be our most attractive feature.

Popular Selfie Poses

What you mean: I am mysterious and contemplative. You don’t know what I am thinking but I bet you want to.

What you scream: TRYING. I need to look like I am not trying when I am trying. Should I try harder at this or will this try work? NM, I will take ten more.

So there you have it, are your selfies saying what you really want them to? If your selfie met your friends’ selfies, would they be nice to each other? If your selfie walked into a bar… never mind, you get the picture. Happy photo-taking!

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