What to Wear on Super Bowl Sunday

What to wear on Super Bowl Sunday: 3 fun ideas!

It is official- The Broncos will be playing the Seahawks this Super bowl game day! The next question stumping the masses- What is a girl to wear? Long gone are the days of having to resort to your boyfriend’s jersey to support your team (Sayonara high school days!). Get noticed this year with a Bronco’s or Seahawk’s inspired outfit combo created from the looks detailed below!

Be your own halftime show: The game may be center stage but there is no reason you cannot compete for halftime attention with some blinged out sequins. Just don’t overdo it- we are not having disco fever, just cabin fever. Pair a sequined tank top with some skinnies and an oversized cardigan. Bonus points for diamond studs that get noticed from across the room.

Masculine Flare: Do not limit your androgynous wardrobe to boyfriend jeans. Steal his t’s….and cardi’s…. and caps… and sneaks… Basically own the look and throw out the labels. To balance this look, choose a few feminine touches, like boyfriend jeans with a t’shirt and heels with a statement necklace to pop, or a baseball cap, sporty fitted t-shirt and leather miniskirt.

DIY or faux-DIY look: When I said do not don the jerseys of yore I may have spoke too soon. Perhaps those giant tents have another use! Cut it, crimp it and make it look sassy. Below you will even find some easy steps to sew your own, but if craftiness is a quality better left to the professionals, do not fret. Many retailers are already onto the trend but if you are out of luck at the mall, look on Pinterest for shops that offer beauties like this.

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Want something even more personalized? Check out this amazing tutorial on HOW TO MAKE YOUR OWN!

You can cut and paste: How-to tutorial: http://sweet-verbena.blogspot.com/2011/09/game-day-dress-tutorial.html

With little more than some old t-shirts and extra fun fabric you will be turning heads this Super Bowl Sunday! Create your own game day phenomenon!

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