Curvy Girl Chic: What’s on Trend now!

Are you a curvy girl who loves to stay on trend? Here are a few tips on what is chic to wear now for winter!


The weather seems fanatic but that can be fantastic for wearing layers! Curvy fashionistas, here is what is on trend now: Peplums that pronounce your curves and teeny waist, layered mini-dresses and winter shorts!

Curvy Girl ChicCurvy Girl Chic









Winter is the season for lots of layers but don’t hide yourself in fluffy coats- flaunt your chic curves! Peplums were everywhere in fall and they are perfect for work or weekend wear in winter too. Add a blazer or comfy cardigan and you are in business!

Layered dresses are must do for this Ms. I stock my closet full of mini-dresses to wear over leggings and skinny jeans in the brisk weather. Layering a flouncy silhouette helps you feel covered up while focusing on your feminine features.

Curvy Girl Chic







My favorite new chic combo this winter is shorts and tights! I rocked this look over the weekend while on a road trip and found it to be sassy yet oh-so-comfortable! I wore black tweed shorts over black leggings which mimics a black miniskirt without feeling too self-conscious.

Combine shorts (especially stylish business-wear patterns, like tweed or pinstripe) with leggings or patterned tights and heels. Your legs will go on for miles!

Curvy Girl Chic: What’s on Trend now!


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