Celebrity diet trend: 3 tips for limiting refined sugar

This latest celebrity diet trend will help you shed pounds and satisfy your sweet tooth!

If you do not have at least one friend trying to limit their sugar intake you must be living under a rock or solely communicating through online gaming systems. One of the hottest celebrity diet trends or diet trend components is limiting sugar intake, especially refined sugar (ex: Paleo, Low-carb and South Beach diets). Even celebrity Naomi Campbell explained to Bazaar (February, 2014) that she was up all night after eating cotton candy, which only happens when your body has forgotten the sugary goodness that candy delivers.

I have to admit, I have been limiting my sugar intake for the last couple of years and it really is a life-changer. It may seem like a difficult task to take on but I promise you, it is worth its weight in sugar cubes. I have three tips that will help you through your sugar withdrawals and stop you from shaking uncontrollably in class or at the office. You are welcome.


Celebrity Diet Trend

1. Eat these cookies. I stumbled upon a version of this recipe about a year ago and I have been experimenting with it ever since. It is basically magic and for those of you who do not believe in magic, it just might have been delivered to us by Santa for being good little 20-somethings this year. Essentially the building blocks of the cookies are 2 ripe bananas and one cup of quick-cooking oats. Yeah, I know you were waiting for a list that included craziness like kale or chia seeds or something else redonkulous but that’s it! From that foundation you add unsweetened coconut, nuts of any kind, cinnamon, salt, vanilla, dried fruit or whatever else you might have on hand. Mash and mix it all up, form it into cookies and bake for 15 minutes at 350 degrees. It makes about 6 large, soft cookies.

Celebrity Diet Trend

2. Eat these fruits. If you want to stay away from refined sugar but have sugar cravings, quell those hankerings with natural sugars found in fruit. Blueberries (7.3 g sugar), strawberries (7 grams of sugar) and pineapple (9 grams of sugar) are AH-mazing because they are super sweet yet actually have super low amounts of natural sugar in them. Again, nature is a magical beast.  (Note: All amounts are in grams/serving, according to the USDA)

Celebrity diet trend

3. Try it for 21 days. I am a huge fan of this rule. Countless books will tell you that if you try something for 21 days it becomes a habit. I also think it takes three weeks to notice major changes like how you feel, look and the natural (and less bloated) rhythm of your body. Try taking out processed foods and other sources of refined sugar for three weeks and gauge how you feel each day. You will likely see your headaches decrease, your skin radiate and your belly flatten. Or you just might climb a wall to try to get to a skittle you see dancing around when you experience sugar withdrawals- to each, her own.


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