Beauty Trends of 2013 We Hope Will Go Away

Designers, celebrities and beauty fanatics are always looking for a fabulous style trend and seeking something new. Some are hits and others are misses. These trends we hope will be left in 2013.

1. Stiletto nails
The pointy-nail fad has been seen on celebs from Fergie to Lady Gaga. Nails that double as a deadly weapon should be left behind this year.

2. Color chalked hair
This trendy hairstyle was hot for a minute. Wild, fun and temporary the bright color chalked hues might be great for teenagers, but not for the rest of us.

3. The Skrillex cut
The 90s throwback hair style seen on Miley Cyrus and Avril Lavigne which is a shaved one side of the head while keeping the rest long, needs to be returned to the decade it belongs.

4. Overly Inflated lips
Can we please say goodbye to the overly plumped pout? For the love of kissing and all things kissable, let’s leave lips alone with their natural and more beautiful shape.

5. Motionless faces
We all agree Botox can be a great avenue to lessen deep wrinkles and furrows, but making it more subtle and natural rather than freezing all of your face muscles which left your face motionless and expressionless is much better.

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