Watch SOS Island Contestants Survive No Tech Island with Only High Tech Gadgets

samsung survivors sos-island contestants

Do you love reality TV that pits real people against the elements? Of course you do! Especially if the contestants are cute, fit and get muddy, then that is an A+.

Well, how about if the action of grabbing fish with their bare hands included the ability to consult the latest Samsung smartphone and camera? So, they are stranded but they’ve also got the whole world wide web and social media for guidance. At the very least I bet you could find a great recipe for how to steam your daily catch in banana leaves…

But seriously, for this wild reality series Samsung received over 11,500 submission videos from 132 countries and selected 16 contestants to spend one week training alongside survival expert and TV star Les Stroud.

Then, the finalists were selected to be marooned on an island in the Caribbean together. Sure, there’s finding food and diving into deep water but it’s not all about strength — they’ve got to use their wits and cutting-edge gadgets to complete their team tasks. That’s where the smarts and the tech savvy comes in.

SOS Island takes our favorite reality television elements ala Survivor and The Amazing Race and changes these popular shows by adding technology into the mix. It creates your new dangerous video addiction that you won’t be able to stop watching. With challenges about reading maps, purifying water and building shelter, it’ll make you wonder if you and your smart phone could make it work.

And if you want to vicariously live through your favorite contestants–you can vote for them, too! It also doesn’t hurt that beyond their smarts, tech savvy and survival skills, they are all pretty easy on the eyes.

Definitely check out to watch the wild challenges; follow all their social media feeds, their performances in the challenges and then vote on your favorites. The winning contestant will be announced on December 10th with 40% of their overall ranking decided by your votes and 60% decided by how many coconuts they win.

The final winner will be announced at an event in Los Angeles on Dec. 10 where the winner will not only receive $100K toward their very own island. Let the games begin!

You can learn more about the Samsung S.O.S. Island Competition but visiting here:

Visit Samsung’s official site for S.O.S. island

Visits the Samsung Facebook page to learn more about the latest equipment contestants are using

Check out everyone who is Tweeting direct from S.O.S Island, too!

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