The Winner of “SOS Island” Survival Series 2013 is…

WINNER samsung-survivors-sos-island-610-x-410 FC

World Traveler Graham Hughes Secures Viewer Votes to Earn Him the $100,000 Island Prize

Did racking up friends around the world help this man get the most votes on social media to help him win $100,000 towards the purchase of his own island??!!! Globe-trotter and Liverpool native, Graham Hughes, was declared the winner of Samsung’s online competition series, “SOS Island: Survival of the Smartest,” at a finale event in Hollywood on Tuesday night!

The travel enthusiast, who spent four years visiting every country in the world, brought his taste for adventure to the fearsome competition – thriving in challenges and rallying thousands of votes, via social media, from fans back home.

This is truly a dream come true,” said Graham Hughes. “I put everything I had into this competition with hopes that I’d go all the way. My next challenge is deciding where to go with the prize money.”

On September 17, sixteen contestants were chosen from a pool of more than 10 thousand applicants across 132 countries to participate in the thrilling online competition. After an intensive week of training with survival expert, Les Stroud, contestants were narrowed in half and relocated to an uncharted island off the coast of Puerto Rico.

For two weeks, the final eight endured arduous team challenges with the aid of their Samsung GALAXY S4 zoom and GALAXY NX camera, as viewers followed their journeys online and through social media, casting votes for their favorite contender. After twelve challenges and 100,000 total unique votes, Graham Hughes was crowned the victor of “SOS Island.”

Since the series premiere on September 30, viewers engaged with contestants of the socially-fueled series in real-time, driving more than 23 thousand mentions on Twitter and 10 million views on Samsung Camera’s YouTube page.

As a filmmaker who has chronicled his travels in the past, Graham said that it’s his dream to live on an island for one year, documenting his adventures for the world to see.

Snakkle also has a chance to ask Graham just prior to his win about his experience and… WE ALSO ASKED: SO, WHERE WILL THE ISLAND HE PLANS TO PURCHASES BE LOCATED? Read his answers in our exclusive interview here!

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