Hottest Beauty Trends and Looks of 2013

The countdown to New Year’s has begun. With many new styles and beauty trends popping up this year, here are our favorite hottest and hippest beauty trends of 2013!

1. Emerald Green everything.
From nail polish to eye shadow, emerald green was the color of the year.

2. The roaring 20’s
Twenties-inspired bobs and waves, all lit up on the big screen and the runways. Carey Mulligan looked gorgeous!

3. Marc Jacobs Make-up
The long awaited technicolors of Marc Jacob’s new make-up was all the rave! Here at last!

4. Anti-aging hair care.
Brands such as Pantene and Nexxus both introduced an anti-aging hair line that helps bring aged hair back to life!

5. Gel Manicures

Gel manicures have ignited an obsession among polish lovers. The glossy finish resists chips for two weeks.

6. The Middle part
The simple, yet chic middle part made its way onto the runway and fashionistas alike.

7. Argon oil.
Coming from Morocco was hugely successful in hair care products. We love it!

8. Big and Bold Brows
Gone are the days of the pencil thin, over-plucked brows. Bigger is now better.

9. Farm to Spa
Spa treatments that incorporate their natural surroundings into the ingredients such as Florida citrus and California avocado were hugely popular.

10. Blunt Bangs
Taking inspiration from the runways, bangs were the ‘It’ hair accessory for 2013.

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