Girls Night Out: Inspirational Ideas to Give Back with your Girlfriends over the Holidays


Volunteering with your girlfriends is an excellent way to spend time together, benefit the community and inspire each other to give to others and lend a helping hand to those less fortunate. In the spirit of the holidays here are a few wonderful ideas where and how you and your girlfriends can get involved.

1. Local Homeless Shelter
Volunteer to help with serving meals to and socializing with the local homeless. Yes, they are people too.

2. Children’s Hospital
Volunteer to read to children and deliver toys from their holiday toy cart. Bring your own gifts and cards to show that extra love.

3. Elderly Center
Give the elderly a smile and a holiday they’ll always remember. Spend time visiting, reminiscing, reading to and simply spending time at the center. Holidays are often a very lonely time for many, so take the time to show you truly care.

4. Food Bank
Volunteer to help unload and sort food items, serve hot meals as well as fill grocery orders for families.

5. Orphanage
You can set a time with your local orphanage to bring cards, holiday presents, toys and arts and craft supplies for children.

6. Humane Society
Volunteers can exercise and play with dogs and socialize with cats, giving that extra love, care and cuddles to pets.

7. Local Park or Beach Clean-Up
Turn your girls’ beach day or wine and cheese picnic at the park into a clean up day. Bring gloves and trash bags and go on a trash clean-up session.

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