Girls’ Night Out: 10 Ideas for a Creative Thanksgiving Day Party

It’s almost that time of year…Thanksgiving! Time to celebrate and give thanks..especially to our most fabulous gal pals who have shared all of our momentous events throughout the year; brought over bottles of wine to pour our hearts out over during those difficult times and were there to booty shake with us to celebrate every accomplishment big or small. We’ve rounded up our favorite ideas to create a festive, fun and inspiring Thanksgiving get together to share with your very best girlfriends. Here’s what to do:

1- Get crafty and create Thanksgiving themed invites to your friends! Break out the craft supplies and use glitter or stamps and everything in between!

2- Make sure your place looks festive for the holiday and spruce your place up with Thanksgiving themed decorations! Stick with Fall colors in the shades of orange, red, yellow, and brown. Bring the outdoors inside and use nature to make some of your decorations as well!

3- Create a table that everyone can take pride in! Have your friends bring something to contribute to the table’s centerpiece- perhaps pictures or candles. Whatever they desire! You’re certain to enjoy the final product.

4- The theme of this season is “giving” so have all of your dinner attendees bring their favorite dish to your potluck style celebration. Have your friends bring copies of the recipes as well in case you’re dying to make a dish next year.

5- Make a Holiday themed martini bar- candy corn is a perfect sweet candy to add to your martini for a bit of color! Here are many more ideas for some festive cocktails!

6- There’s nothing sweeter than making sweet things together. Get to baking with your friends and create some deliciousness!

i am thankful
7- Take some time to truly honor the meaning of Thanksgiving. Go around the table and list what you are thankful for. This is guaranteed to get you smiling and feeling grateful!

8- Have some fun and make time for some games! Here’s one idea; a popcorn/pumpkin see relay! Divide your friends into two teams and set them up with a bowl of popcorn or pumpkin seeds on one side of the room and an empty bowl on the other. Using only a tablespoon, transfer all the seeds to the other side, without dropping any!

9- Put together a fun football game! Use your local park as your venue and get to playing!

10- Keep the gift of giving going create cute travel containers for all the leftovers and give them to your guests as gifts!

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