Giving Thanks: Our Favorite Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids

Thanksgiving is one of your most beautiful holidays in the US. Surrounded by the colors of the falling leaves, this holiday is about celebrating abundance and giving thanks and showing gratitude. There are plenty of ways to be festive with your kids. Here are some of our favorite arts & crafts:


Have fun getting messy with you little one and use paint to make “hand”- turkeys! Use feathers and glue to make it a true spectacle.


Before thanksgiving dinner, design name tags for all the seats at the table. Your guests will be delighted to see their name created with so much love!


Bring the outdoors inside and create leaf rubbings. Simply place a leaf underneath a piece of paper and rub a pencil or crayon over it to transfer the design of the leaf!


There are sure to be leftovers after this holiday. Take boring old Tupperware and make it beautiful! Have your child use stamps and paint and any other tools you may have.


Looks like you have a lil’ gardener on your hands! Get outdoors and plant something with your child- perhaps vegetables or herbs!


You are not going to want to dirty that beautiful tablecloth- so prepare for the mess in a fun way! Have your son or daughter create placemats to use for Thanksgiving dinner!

Make a fun day out of creating adorable finger puppets! The possibilities are endless- turkeys, pilgrims, Indians- get creative!

Perhaps the kitchen is where the creativity lies! Get to cookin’! Try this adorable treat with your little one- It’s bound to be a hoot!

Perhaps that old tablecloth isn’t doing the trick anymore- use simple fall themed stamps and create a masterpiece for your table.

Make something that really shows what this holiday is about- giving thanks! Use paper leaf cutouts and have your child write down what he or she is thankful for and then add it to the tree!

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