Girls’ Night Out: Fun & Fab Ideas For Fall

Fall is a perfect time, when everyone is back from their Summer vacations and adventures, to get your gal pals together to welcome in and embrace the new season. Fall is traditionally represented by abundance, so what better than to celebrate the beautiful abundance of girlfriends you have in your life. Here’s some of our favorite ideas for a Fall themed Girls’ Night Out:

1. Potluck Party
Have your girlfriends each bring over their favorite Fall recipe. Either cook together or they can have it already prepared.

2. Mini Manis
2- Nails
Hire a manicurist to come over and give mini mani/pedis while you sip on your favorite bottles of wine and watch your favorite Fall TV show premiers.

3. Cider
3- Cider
Invite your gal pals over for a night of steamy gossip and hot apple cider. Feel free to spike your ciders with a touch of spiced rum.

4. Homemade Gifts
4- Homemade Gifts
As the holiday season approaches, get your girls together for a night of art and inspiration. Buy supplies to make a simple homemade gift to make for the holidays and let your guests be inspired to create.

5. Not So Skinny Dipping: Fondue
Fondue is definitely a fun and interactive way dine. What could be better than melted cheese and rich creamy chocolate. Invite your girlfriends over for a night of yummy indulgence.

6. Game Night
This is a fun one for those chilly Fall evenings.

7. Cookies Galore
Time to get baking! Have each of your girlfriends bring over their favorite recipe and create a cookie tin for everyone of the yummy selection.

8. Dinner and a Movie Classic Night In
8- Dinner
Cozy up for a night of take-out Chinese food or a pizza delivery and watch one of the latest Hollywood blockbusters. Don’t forget to keep the wine flowing.

9. Create a Centerpiece
9- Centerpiece
Invite your girlfriends over to get crafty by making a fun and festive autumn centerpiece for their homes.

10. The Pie’s the Limit.
10- Pie
The ultimate comfort food. Have your girlfriends come over to bake a pie to indulge in while they’re over and then give mini tins to make for them to take home. Definitely worth the calorie splurge!

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