Best Winter Coats for Your Body Type

Best Winter Coats for Your Body Type

We may hate to admit it, but the heat is on and our snuggies are out. It is early winter, my friends. Along with the change in temperature comes a time to rotate into layers and (gulp) winter coats. While you may prefer to layer upon layer (think cami, t-shirt, cardi, hoodie, scarf), I suspect that is largely because you do not own the best coat for your bod.  If you purchase right, your coat will be an “investment piece” or piece of clothing to purchase this winter that will last you longer than your old cellphone did and be the piece-de-resistance that you want to show off as much as possible.

Coats by Body Type

Apple: You are likely an apple shape if you are heavier on top with smaller legs. Think Raven Goodwin from Good Luck Charlie or Oprah. Your limbs and voluptuous top are your assets, so show it off! Short coats with some tailoring are excellent for drawing attention to your legs or belted numbers work for you to create a waist and add to your curves.

Fuzzy collar








Pear/Hourglass: The difference between a pear and an hourglass shape is what’s on top. If you have a junk in the trunk and on top, you are an hourglass (just like Marilyn Monroe, Christina Hendricks and all the rap songs that pay tribute to your loveliness). The pear shape is slightly smaller on top and larger on the bottom, which is perfect for finding tailored tops that flare to show off your tiny waist and curves!

Our pear ladies are looking for fit coats with a rocking belt that flow out in a feminine way. Steer clear of overly large coats with no shape; it will make you look much larger than you are. Military buttons or double-breasted cuts also flatter you incredibly well!

Fuzzy Cuffs









Hourglass women, you may need a little extra room on top, as compared with your pear cousins. Rather than military or double-breasted, you want to make sure you have enough room on top and bottom, without adding bulk to your frame. Look for belted coats that are less restrictive, made of thin fabrics that flare out to a skirt shape. One great option is the wrap coat which will fit regardless if you wear your fishermen’s sweater or sleek LBD.

Grey belt around winter







Athletic/Straight-talker: If you see Kate Middleton and feel like her skinny jeans would rock your straight hips, then this might be you. This category encompasses women who have less of a curvy thang going and more of a straight-talking relationship with their sleek bodies. In this category also falls “boyish” however I abhor the term-you are 100% LADY.


Taking a cue from celebs, the best coats for you are trim, tailored and add curves magically. Think long tailored wool coat with a wide belt or a long flared coat with some sass. Peplums are also fantastic for this body-type in tanks, blouses and coats!

Double breasted coat









Petite: My short sisters, your watchful eye will not change much from when you are shopping for skirts and pants- the length is the key here as well. You want to make sure your coat does not reach below your knees or it will make you look like you are swimming in fabric. Short styles are great for you and fashionable this season. Try showing off your bod in a lined motorcycle jacket or fur coat! Rachel Zoe is among your siblings and she rocks some bulkier coats, which is an advantage you have that most shapes do not- play with some fur, vintage embellishments and playful cuts but be sure to mind the length to keep the focus on your awesome shape .

Red skirt and long sleeves









While I strongly recommend finding the absolute best you can in these pieces, don’t think the thrift store is off of the list of possibilities. These shapes are nothing new nor are the coat styles. Your coat can be your best friend or frenemy, but if you take time to find the right shape for your body, it will improve any outfit you choose to wear under- even if it is your velvet tracksuit.


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