10 Fall Activities to Do with Your Kids

Now is the time where we all start getting cozy and ready for Fall. As the season changes, so do your play activities. So go ahead and put away your sand shovels and get ready to Fall in Love with these Fall activities to do with your kids.

10 Fall Activities to Do with Your Kids


Start the morning off right with your little one and try this seasonal spin on a breakfast classic. Make them together for extra fun!

Bring the outdoors inside with this fun craft. Collect pine cones during a lovely Fall stroll and bring them home and spruce them up! Add glitter or paint or whatever else sparks your child’s fancy.

3- Corn Maze
Try doing some research on nearby corn mazes. It will certainly be an adventure for the two of you!

4- Leaf
What goes up must come down- and this certainly holds true for the leaves in Fall! Get a bucket and have your child collect different shapes and sizes of leaves. Dip them in paint and transfer them to paper or do crayon rubbings! See your art come to life.

Time to get crafty! Use old clothes and stuffing (hay, newspaper, etc) to make your very own scarecrow!

6- Caramel Apples
Sweet, scrumptions, and so much fun! Have your little one mix the ingredients to make caramel sauce and make your own homemade caramel apples!

7- Thank You Notes
Tis the season to be thankful. Have fun creating homemade thank you notes and ask your child to write down who and what they are thankful for. A sure way to brighten someone’s day!

With the holiday season approaching, it means it’s time to give! Whether it means collecting charitable donations such as food or going through old toys and donating a few, make a fun day out of helping someone in need.

9- Herb Garden
Create and bond at the same time! Have fun creating a windowsill garden with your child. Perhaps your new planted fresh herbs will be ready to use when Thanksgiving dinner comes around!

10- Football
Get out and play! Gather your neighbors and friends for a fun game of football in the park. Then afterwards, get warm and celebrate your victory with hot chocolate!

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