Going Bananas: 10 of the Cutest Monkey Costumes For Infants

It’s all about monkeying around this Halloween. We’ve spotted 10 of our favorite Monkey costumes for your baby.

1- Plush Monkey Costume
$38.00 www.target.com

​2- Infant Lil Monkey Costume
$40​ www.costumesupercenter.com

3-Koala Kids Boys’ Monkey Costume
$20 BabiesRUs.com

4-Mischievious Monkey Baby Costume
$30 www.spirithalloween.com

5-Baby Boys Monkey Halloween Costume
$38 www1.macys.com

6- Sock Monkey Costume
$18 www.target.com

7-Baby Monkey Costume
$35 www.partycity.com

8-Infant Chimpanzee Costume
$34 www.thehalloweencostumestore

9- Baby Funky Monkey Costume
$18 www.findcostume.com

10-Baby Circus Monkey Costume
​$35 www.brandsonsale.com​

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