Girls’ Night Out: 10 Ideas for Your Ultimate Halloween Party

Halloween is almost here! Here are our top 10 party ideas to get your spooky groove on with your gal pals!

​1-Have a Ghost with the Most Party: Have all of your girlfriends create their ghostliest costume from ordinary household items. No costume purchasing necessary!

2- ​Host a pumpkin Carving Party: Invite your gal pals for an evening of carving and creating their perfect jack-o-lantern.

3- Have a Halloween Make-up Party: Hire a couple of make-up artists to makeover you and your girlfriends to be as goth, gory spooky, and creepy as you can handle!

4- Scary Movie Night: Pass the popcorn, pour the wine, and and pop in those scary flicks to share with your girlfriends. Carrie, Friday the 13th, and Scream are all must-sees.

5- Have a costume party: Let your girlfriends know in your party invitations that they’d better dress up, or else! Hold a costume contest during your party, and award prizes to the funniest, scariest, most original, sexiest, or most unlike their day job!

6- Enter at your own risk! Haunted House party: Transform the outside of your house into an evil entrance to send shivers up their spines right off the bat! Surround the entryway with graves and chains, grim reapers and spooky webs. Add lifelike black ravens, bats and creepy spiders that are sure to make their skin crawl.

7- Halloween Martini Party: Invite your gal pals over for some Gothic-glam martinis. Bone-Chilling Black Martinis are just the thing for blood-thirsty vampires, glam goths and ghouls of every kind. To make: Mix 3 1/2 oz. black vodka with 1/2 oz. black raspberry liqueur in a cocktail shaker with ice. Rim the glasses with bits white rock candy, and tie on a single bone with a bit of black tulle to send shivers up their spines!

8- Ouigi Board: Make an old-school game night with an Ouija Board. Be sure to have candles lit and some perfectly creaky and scary music playing as you play!

9- Fortune Teller: Hire a fortune teller to attend your party and give your girlfriends their readings- hopefully they aren’t too much of a fright.

10- Halloween treats: Have your girlfriends conjure up their favorite most create Halloween treat. Pumpkin martinis are definitely allowed!

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