Fun Outdoor Toy Must-Haves for Your Baby

Babies love the excitement of being outdoors. Whether it’s in your backyard, at the park, or just a stroll around the neighborhood, here are some of our favorites outdoor toys for your little one.

1) Stack & Sort

Although these little cups look so simple, you’ll be wowed at the endless hours of fascination your little one will have. Your baby can stack, nest, build towers, or fill with sand or water. Perfect for pool, beach or park.
Amazon, $4.99.

2) The ultimate outdoor blanket

Perfect for tummy time, looking at the stars, soaking up the surrounding nature, or playtime at the park, this blanket is water resistant, lightweight, washable, and it folds easily into its own carrying case with a handle.
Amazon, $30.

3) Go Fish!

These fish are both scoopers and strainers, and ideal for little hands to grab. A developmental toy will surely make your baby smile while improving hand-eye coordination.
Amazon, $7.

4) Baby Buddy Secure-A-Toy Strap

Everyone knows the game of your baby dropping their toy, you picking it up, them dropping it again, and you picking it up. This could go on for days. But now, snap a toy strap to the stroller and the other to their favorite toy, bottle or snack cup secures their toy from falling.
Amazon, $8

5) Cheweeez! The Winkel

These must-haves are fabulous for early motor skills training. It’s a teether and shaker. They’re perfect for summer evening strolls or to keep baby busy at a park playdate.
Amazon, $12

6) Ring around the Rosy

Fisher-Price’s Rock-a-Stack is a classic. This simple toy develops motor skills as baby learns to stack the easy-to-grip rings in size order. It’s fabulous for poolside play because the rings float.
Amazon, $6.85.

7) Pool Party! SwimWays Baby Spring Float Sun Canopy.

Cruise your baby around the pool in this stylish float. We love the personal sun canopy to help protect baby’s sensitive skin. There is a mesh area to hold their favorite pool toys too!
Amazon, $25.35

8) Tree Playground: Little Tikes 2-in-1 Snug ‘n Secure Swing

Swings are notorious for bringing giggles and rocking your baby to sleep. Turn your tree into an outdoor adventure or calming sanctuary. Amazon, $26.88

9) Have a Ball Edushape Sensory Balls

Your baby will love the bright colors and textures of these balls as she squishes, tosses, rolls, and catches them.
At Amazon, $17

10) Bubbles Bubbles and Lots of Bubbles

You can burst into giggles putting on a bubble show for your baby. We promise they’ll be mesmerized as long as you keep blowing!
Amazon, $7

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