Can Your Smartphone Fish? Contestants Compete for “Survival of the Smartest” and $100,000 Private Island

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Are you totally obsessed the mega-hit TV show Survivor? What if they turned that show on its head and sent tribe members stranded on an island WITH cutting edge technology?

Well, that is exactly what a new online social media competition S.O.S. Island is all about: average men and women, stranded on an island, where they not only have to be “the fittest” but also have to be the “smartest” in social media in order to win.In an a new twist on the “Survivor” competition genre, Samsung challenged 16 everyday “Joes” and “Janes” to live (and survive) on a deserted island while streaming it ALL LIVE for the new online-only show SOS Island: Survival of the Smartest (“S-O-S” – get it?).

The contestants are armed with only the latest Samsung GALAXY products: a GALAXY S4 zoom smartphone and the new GALAXY NX camera – and nothing else but the clothes on their back. But, the question for us land-lubbers sitting in front of our computers watching the whole thing play out: Can a camera make me fresh water? Can a smartphone find me food?

These contestants all have an even chance to win in the beginning: all were trained in basic survival by TV star and survival expert Les Stroud [you may know him as the creator, writer, producer, director, cameraman AND host of the television series Survivorman].

Yeh, these guys may have been trained by the best of the best when it comes to hunting for your own food [with only your hands] …. but, again, this girl and fan of the reality series is compelled to ask: Can their Samsung’s GALAXY S4 zoom smartphone find them shelter? Will the state-of-the-art GALAXY NX camera with Wi-Fi help them start a fire?

HOW THE GAME WORKS: They will share the images direct from their devices to the Samsung Camera Facebook page [check it out here:] while trying to outsmart the competition, and the person who wins the most votes is crowned ‘The Smartest’ later this year and will win a $100,000 private island of their own.

To watch the show live each day, and see the contestants’ original audition tapes and watch their survivor training with Les [what I recently learned watching: did you know food is just “mental” and not really needed to survive… meh, food, who needs it….] log on to or visit their Facebook page at

You can also check out the show on Youtube, too:

For more instant gratification, use the hashtag #asksosisland on Twitter to enter into real time “chats” with the survivors… who will be Tweeting you live from their GALAXY S4 Zoom & GALAXY NX, natch!

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