10 Easy and Fun Girl’s Night Out Ideas For Halloween

10 Easy & Fun Girl’s Night Out Ideas For Halloween

halloween girls night out

Looking for a way to spice up this year’s Halloween festivities? Get ready and grab your girlfriends to make it a night to remember! These easy Holiday Girls’ Night Out ideas are simple to prepare and will without a doubt be a perfect trick….or treat!

Haunted Potluck
Get into the spirit by throwing a Potluck! Come up with some festive dish ideas. Make a clever skeleton out of vegetables or wrap a hot dog in a breadstick to make a mummy! You’ll be impressed with what your friends can come up with.

Cocktail Party
Halloween is the perfect time to indulge in new cocktail creations. Try one of our favorites: Candy Corn Cocktail.
To prepare, combine 2 oz Pineapple Infused Vodka and 1 oz Pineapple juice in a cocktail shaker with ice then pour into glass. Then combine 1.5 oz Orange Sherbert and ice and shake and pour into glass atop vodka and juice mix. Finally shake together 1 oz Milk and 1oz Simple Syrup and add as the final layer. Hocus Pocus!


Murder Mystery
Time to get into character! This one takes a little more planning about a week ahead of time. You can purchase a kit and choose the theme you want your murder mystery to take on. Then assign each of your friends a role to take on. The instructions in the kit will tell you everything you need to know. Have your girlfriends arrive and immediately take on their roles. You’ll have a blast playing this twisted game of mystery.


Movie Night
In the mood for a fright night? Have all your friends bring their favorite scary movie over. Mix them all up and choose one! Pop some popcorn, open some bottles of wine…red of course, and try not to jump!

Pumpkin Carving
A Halloween classic. Hit the pumpkin patch with the ladies, take some photos, and head home and get to carving! Have a contest and vote on who has the best design!

Themed Party
Don’t go for the generic costume party, this year, have your girls come up with something original! Make it a themed costume party such as 90’s style or perhaps Pop Stars. Renting a photo booth is always a playful touch.

Pumpkin Spice Testing
It’s that time of year! For these next three months, it seems like every coffee, tea and drink shop is pushing their pumpkin spice products on you. But which ones really are the best? Have your friends over to create their own favorite festive fall drink, or perhaps a pumpkin spice treat of their choice.

Haunted House
Do you keep passing by that Haunted House walkthrough on the corner but you are too scared to go in? Grab your girls and make a night of it! You’ll be sure to get a kick out of watching your friends scream and laugh throughout the attraction.

Pumpkin Ale Testing
Pumpkin Spice might be all the rage, but what about those seasonal pumpkin ale’s that come out to play during this spooktacular season? Have each of your girlfriends grab a pack of whichever pumpkin flavored beer catches their eye. Order in a pizza and let the tasting begin. Maybe throw in a card game for some extra laughs. Remember, carbs don’t count on holidays!

Creepy Craftin
Time to take off your witches hat and replace it with your crafting thinking cap! You’ll be amazed at how many fun decoration ideas are out there for you to try. Hit the craft store with your girls to stock up and get to craftin’!


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