Class up Your Next Get-Together with Cucumber Sandwiches

The perfect compliment to tea, cucumber sandwiches are surprisingly not easy to make. With a little know-how from this recipe, you can make cucumber sandwiches that will make your guests rave:

It’s more about choosing and preparing the ingredients:

Sliced Cucumber

Make sure they are peeled and fresh. Sogginess is the enemy.

Some chefs prefer to dunk them in a white wine vinegar beforehand.

Cucumber sandwich bread

Soft and white. Cut the crusts off. Don’t try to go healthy with whole wheat or something else abnormal: Stick with the classics to keep it classy is what we always say!

Cucumber sandwich butter

Don’t try to substitute with mayo or cream cheese. If you are looking to dice it up try mixing with creme fresh or a chopped egg.

There you have it: The tips for your three ingredients. Care is everything! Enjoy, and bon appetite!

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