7 Products Princess Kate Should Have in Her Diaper Bag

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To celebrate the birth of Prince William and Princess Kate’s baby, we’ve rounded up a list of the new mom essentials and baby must-haves for Kate and the newest member of the royal family, Prince George Alexander Louis. These hot new baby product finds will certainly find their way into the Royal nursery, and are affordable enough for the little prince or princess of your own.

7 Products Princess Kate Should Have in Her Diaper Bag

1. House of Botori Kaira Diaper Tote

The Kaira Diaper Tote is the perfect diaper bag fit for a queen (or princess for that matter.) The Kaira Diaper Tote is ideal for moms on the go. Eleven roomy compartments allow for plenty of space for moms to travel in style, staying organized all the while. With a multitude of perfectly placed pockets topped off with easy magnetic closures, this well-stocked tote is a sleek, mobile organization station. Everything you need in a diaper tote, right down to the head-turning style.

2. Babee Covee
The Babee Covee is a versatile baby blanket and cover that has six uses in one! Whether used to shield baby from weather elements year round or from the paparazzi, this award-winning, must-have baby gear eliminates the need to buy, pack and carry the long list of bulky single use items; no more overflowing diaper bag, no more blanket falling off the car seat or stroller, and no more germs on publicly shared items!
$39.99 – $49.99

3. Woombie Air Baby Swaddle
The Woombie Air is a new breathable swaddle for babies that allows for proper ventilation and helps regulation of body temperature. Swaddling is a great way to help babies sleep and is used to calm fussy babies. The unique peanut-shaped design requires no wrapping and is the safest and most comfortable swaddle for baby. Gently hugging baby to recreate the security and comfort of the womb, the soft 4-way stretch fabric allows baby to move naturally without pinning baby’s arms to the side. Woombie Air with Tru Air (TM) technology is perfect for all seasons and is super easy to use – just put baby in, zip and snap!

4. Little Toader Teething Toys
Little Toader’s line of teething toys called AppeTEETHERS are safe and fun teething toys designed to look like real foods. Who says the new royal baby cannot enjoy a lollipop? The patented, silicone teething toys are free of BPA, Phthalate, PVC and lead providing the perfect amount of resistance to soothe baby’s sore gums. Best of all the cute one-of-a-kind designs will surely make parents and bystanders chuckle. The line currently offers Chompin’ Chicken Wing and Baby-Q-Rib and has new styles available for pre-order: Nopainapple, Broccoli Bites, Ice Cream U Scream, and LOL! Sucker.

5. ZizzyBee Bags
These handy, compact, reusable, washable, and eco-friendly storage bags are convenient for every part of life, especially for busy moms like Princess Kate. ZizzyBee Bags help you store and organize just about anything, from baby toys, food and snacks, and even diaper bag clutter. ZizzyBee Bags are especially handy in the summer for road trips, swimwear, and even for adults…use when traveling for toiletries and other odds and ends that need to be organized in one spot. Keep ZizzyBee Bags in your diaper bag to have everything organized and easy to find.
$15.99 – $19.99

6. The Diaper Clutch
Princess Kate is known for fashion and style and many new moms after a baby want to feel good again. Carrying diapers and wipes can be stylish too! The Diaper Clutch is a mom-invented stylish carrying case for diapers and wipes with a first of its kind easy access wipes window. Lift the flap and there’s your wipe. No more rummaging to find the wipes and a diaper when “doodie” calls. Easy one-hand access makes diaper changes quick and convenient all without leaving fashion behind.

7. Mox Infant Mittens
MoxMittens work like a sock and stay on to keep your baby’s hands warm and prevent face scratching. Stretchy, soft and reliable, these mittens come high up on the arm so they won’t fall off and baby can’t pull them off. For toddlers they can be layered under larger ski mittens for added warmth/outdoor use. They are made of 72% cotton, 13% spandex, and 15% elastin and are sold in convenient 2-packs.

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