10 Fun and Fab Girls’ Night Out Ideas


girls night out

1-Buy a completely random Groupon for something you’ve never tried before, and treat your friend to an afternoon of it. Nothing says bestie time like skydiving or Stand-Up Paddle boarding.
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2-Find your favorite YouTube videos for professional makeup tutorials to get some new going-out ideas. Take turns practicing them on each other until your hottest smokey eye has been perfected.

3-Go to a fancy home store and window shop with a friend. Take turns imagining what your house will look like once you’ve hit the Vegas jackpot…the adult version of M.A.S.H.

4-Grab your gal pals and attempt to invent the next Martha Stewart-like concoction, filled with your favorite junk foods. Snickers candy bar cupcakes?

5-Glam up, and then take turns snapping future Facebook profile pictures of one another. Since the pics won’t be gratuitously self-taken, your peeps will just assume you were caught at a house party or something looking fabulous as always (not scouring through the reels to find your hottest angle).

6-Pull up your Netflix and have a Channing Tatum movie marathon together. Take a healthy sip of your cocktail whenever he pops up shirtless.

7-Snag a few cool craft ideas from Pinterest and gather your BFF for a night of DIY. You’re guaranteed to have a blast even if those homemade tile coasters come out looking questionable.

8-Challenge two or three of your friends to a Just Dance competition on the Wii—just as awesome as going out to dance, Whoever comes closest to nailing Beyoncé’s patented shake is champ.

9-Go out to your favorite restaurant and order the least sexy, most delicious entrées you both never order on dates.

10-Memorize the lyrics to “Call Me Maybe” and make a video of your crew having fun lip-syncing to it. If you’re feeling brave, share it on Facebook.

Sources: Cosmopolitan, Andrea Bonior, Ph.D. and author of The Friendship Fix; Paul Dobransky, Ph.D. and author of The Power of Female Friendship.

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