Making the Most of Labor Day Weekend

Ah Labor Day, you sneaky devil. While I sit here, hot, sweaty and a little allergic to the world aroundme, I am also forlorn about the waning summer days ahead of me. Whilst pondering what to do this weekend, I thought I would share some thoughts with you in case you are in a similar predicament on this long holiday.

One thing to note- it is still summer and not time to hibernate in front of a Pawn Stars marathon. I know we all feel like a little nap at the end of the week, but this one needs to be outside on a hammock in the sunshine!  So here we are, Mr. Labor Day weekend- a little extended and a lot appreciated, but what shall we do to make the most of our Ray-bans and SPF?

5 things to do outside this weekend:

1. Soak up the sun in a tube!

Labor Day River Tubing

It actually surprises me how many states have some sort of adult-lazy river. I have lived in three states in
the last five years and all of them (Wisconsin, Arizona and North Carolina) have drunk groups of people
floating down the water with coolers in hand. I mean, it only screams, “Good idea.” I encourage you to
try this one- especially if you are in the desert in Arizona and it is 1000 degrees right now. Pack a lunch,
grab some friends and a waterproof radio and float. You might end up with sunburn if you do not watch
it though- Nobody likes Senor Skin Cancer.

Here are a few specifics in case you are in the area:
River Tubs– you need to go see it to believe it.

Salt River Tubing in AZ

Wisconsin Dells: It is the waterpark capital of the world- say what?


2. Listen under the stars

One of my favorite things to do in summertime is listening to music outdoors, either at a music festival
like those listed below or a local town production, like Jazz in the Park. Nothing screams summer better
than a blanket, some tunes and mosquito bites (the lesson there should probably be obvious.)

Here are some examples:

If you are near Chicago:

A comprehensive list of 5 major music festivals:

Now on to the triple F-fecta:


3. Farmers’ markets

It pains me to think I will have to resort to buying my tomatoes from the grocer soon. This is an everyweekend kind of practice for me, but if you have not ventured to your local outdoor market this
summer- go buy a freaking tomato! Farmers’ markets are a great way to eat healthy, buy organic and
support your local farmers. Wear a big hat, sundress and some flip flops and bring cash.


4. Flea markets

Labor Day Flea Market

Now this is an understated gold mine if you know your markets. Not all flea markets are created equal
though and I do recommend looking up reviews on ones in your area. I am a big fan of the infrequent
ones that do not have a permanent location. A couple additional tips: Indoor flea markets tend to be
sub-par since they operate much more like a storefront. Also note the best stuff always goes in the
morning, while the cheapest deals might be had right before close. PS: Just to brag, I bought an antique
lobster trap for $25 at a Connecticut flea market right before close- my only hardship was trying to fit
the giant thing in my car!


5. Fairs

Labor Day Fairs

Growing up in Wisconsin, there were cultural festivities and fairs of some kind pretty much every
weekend. If your city is anything like that, go take a walk outside, eat a fried something-that-shouldnot-be-fried and buy some woven friendship bracelets. This is one of my favorite things to do and might
overlap a little with music festivals. The fare tends to be low, the exercise is not hard and the peoplewatching is always second to none. Always.

North Carolina Apple Festival

So there you have it, a few ideas with one key message: go outside! If it rains, splash in the puddles and
if it is too hot, find a place to show off your swim suit before we lose our tans and start eating comfort

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