Made with Love: 5 Fabulous Handmade Baby Finds

Homemade and handmade has never looked so adorable!

#1 Wishing Elephant
These onesies are constantly told that our onesies are the hit of any baby shower.

​#2 Knotty Tots
Hip and cool- these custom designed moccasins will add style to those favorite little toes!

#3 Kemaily

​The ​Double Hot Pink Chevron Minky Baby Blanket From​ ​Minky fabric ​is luxury comfort at its best. The lush smoothness ​of this blankie ​soothes children, inviting them to ​cuddle on this​ cloud of material softer then dreams.

​#4 Bag Envy

​Monterey Chevron Diaper Bag Set​ Be the envy of all of your mommy gal pals, with this ultra-chic yet incredibly functional diaper bag.​

#5 Pamper Me Baby Designs
These adorable bibs, are not only for the cutest kids on the block, but are easy to wash and come in a wide variety of sizes to grow with your little one from baby to toddler. ked so scrumptious!

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