Girls Night Out: Throw a Guilty Pleasure Shows Marathon Party!

Girls Night Out: Throw a Guilty Pleasure Shows Marathon Party!

We all have that one show we love. The Bachelor, the Kardashians, the OC, Game of Thrones, Jersey Shore – whatever it is- old or new, get your guilt-sharing friends and marathon it with bottles of wine, pizza, and all of your guiltiest pleasure sugary snacks.

What to do:
1- Send out fun invitations- themed with one of your favorite guilty pleasure shows.

2- Decorate! Use pictures from these shows as decor to hang around your party room.

3- Have guests bring their favorite guilty pleasure snack- sour gummy worms, cheesecake, cupcakes, chips and salsa, jellybeans, Ben & Jerry’s Ice cream, etc, to indulge in, guilt-free of course!

4- Have a Make Your Own Pizza bar set up with all of the fixings for fun individual pizzas.

5- Have lots of bottles of wine on hand.

6- Make cards with the names of all your guilty pleasure actors-past or present and play the old school favorite game: Date, Hate or Marry for each one.

7- Have each of your girlfriends write on a piece of paper their all-time ultimate guilty pleasure crush. Collect the cards then read each aloud and see if you can guess which of your girlfriends is crushing on who. You may be surprised!!

8-Make a mini marathon of a couple of your favorite shows to watch.

9- Give your guests a lollipop bouquet as a sweet take-home party favor

10- No guilt allowed! Enjoy your guilt-free bliss!

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